What is Neuromuscular Reprogramming?


Q: How do I know this modality is right for me?
A: Your pain/dysfunction has been treated by many people. None of them helped. You keep hitting the same wall over and over, the pain moves or goes away and then comes back again. You already know how to relax but you still feel disconnected from your own body. You’ve already experienced a great massage from Katie Hudgins and now you want the next level.


Neuromuscular Reprogramming was created by Jocelyn Olivier over 28 years ago. Inspired by the comprehensive patterning research done by Touch For Health in 1977, NMR has similarities with Myoskeletal Alignment Technique and Applied Kinesiology. As imaging technologies continue to advance, a widespread surge of growth has occurred in research. Case studies reveal that pain is not actually in the body per se but held by the mind, more specifically the nervous system which controls movement.


Applied Kinesiology transformed the world through muscle testing which can isolate muscle imbalances, strengths and weaknesses with lightening fast precision. Combining those tests with a systematic approach, NMR helps the body to reorganize whole groups of muscle. Since every action you take isn’t just the work of one muscle it seems obvious to treat kinetic lines instead. Muscle groups and/or pairings become overworked or underoworked depending on many factors but much of NMR’s success relies on helping the neurological system to become aware of the imbalance. 

We don’t move through life aware of our weaknesses. By alerting the brain to the problem and approaching it in a calm organized way NMR practitioners help the parasympathetic response system to reset how we do what we do. Since the PNS is all about rest and relaxation this becomes imperative to whole body healing. When a client shifts from a hyper state to one of calm the body can reroute messages, ensuring correct pathways are utilized.  


Calming the Nervous System


When asked to breathe deeply a large number of our clients inhale improperly, exhale horribly and don’t get the benefits of a true relaxed state. Surprisingly, retraining them on just breathing can yield shocking results. Since our diaphragm is an essential part of the core this comes as no surprise to the massage therapist who assists the body to self-regulate. 
When the muscles between your ribs are chronically tight your chest and back have to deal with the imbalance. Many of our clients experience immediate relief from back pain in one session just due to proper breathing. 


Activating The Correct Muscles


Muscles need to be told what to do and how to do it. Your nervous system when working properly should be able to accomplish a movement seamlessly. The moment between rest and activity is an important one. When called upon to resist a tiny amount of pressure most people have no clue how to stay calm and move with grace. The ability to change your strength, either more or less in a subtle fashion can challenge the nervous system to become aware in ways a client may not even imagine.

This sounds slightly existential but in reality it’s the difference between asking a client to move their lower body and asking a client to move their little toe slightly to the right.  The difference is in the details. 

When you aren’t calm you don’t have control. When you are calm, control becomes a deeply valuable life-affirming action. You can move and it isn’t painful. You don’t have to continue suffering and blocking all sensation to an area which then limits movement and creates pain.

Teaching a client how to move again is rewarding to the practitioner as well. NMR practitioners understand gentleness.


Powerful Movement Without Pain


Once you discover your ability to move in tiny precise ways suddenly you are energized. The idea becomes reality. If you can move in a small way with no pain, surely we can move in bigger ways. Deep tissue therapy is wonderful but NMR is the most subtle rebooting of the neurological system. It immediately helps the brain to find where faulty body mechanics end and proper body mechanics begin.  When you visit our clinic we help you accomplish your goals.