Questions About Massage

How Do I Find A Great Massage Therapist?

Ever wonder how to go about finding a phenomenal massage therapist?

​ What You Need To Know To Find The Best

• You are allowed to ask questions.
• You are allowed to stop the massage.
• You are allowed to ask for someone different.

​You are paying for a service. Be wise.

Massage therapy is one of the top ten fastest growing occupations in America. However, close to 80% of licensed massage therapists will quit before their fifth year in the business.

Ask about their experience.

Ask about their certifications.

Ask about what groups they value.

​Massage therapists who I’ve loved in the States have ALL taken a course under Erik DaltonJames Waslaski, or Aaron Mattes. By clicking on those names you will be able to search databases for a practitioner near you.

Massage therapists who are dedicated to their profession are usually anatomy geeks. They LOVE to discuss fascia and know something about Anatomy Trains, Structural Integration, and Movement Therapy.

Deep tissue is a specialty. Not every therapist utilizes it. The same goes for Sports Massage, Medical Massage, Orthopedic Massage, and any other modality. If you don’t ask what your therapist specializes in, you won’t know.

There are quite literally HUNDREDS of modalities and some of them are absolutely worthless. But some of them are worth their weight in gold.

Look for how your therapist is using their modalities and why they like them. Ask about what continuing education courses they’re pursuing next. At the end of the day you’re going to want a therapist who fits in well with your values.

But the difference between great and phenomenal isn’t about them. It’s about their network.

When you find a therapist who can QUICKLY and EASILY refer you to other professionals in the area you’ll know you’ve found a winner. Developing key relationships and keeping them healthy is what sets the best above the rest. The large majority of LMT’s do NOT have a big network. That’s ok.

You can help them.

Massage is the marriage between subjective compassion and objective results. People who stick with it need honest feedback. Talking to your LMT is the BEST way to find a friend for life. Good luck!


Do you book same day appointments?

For new clients we do not. Once you’re a regular though, possibilities abound!

Do you offer packages?

Yes we do! Ask us about our premier package of five massages. 

Do you charge my credit card before my appointment?

Never. We do keep it on file if you book through our online scheduler. This is to dissuade any unsavory characters who aren’t searching for serious massage.