All About Katie Hudgins, LMT.

Licensed Massage Therapist Katie Hudgins has over 18 years of experience in massage therapy. She excels in assessment and care of athletes, post-surgery and clients making the transition after Physical Therapy. When you’re researching massage modalities to choose you will find her knowledgeable and happy to help.

Picture of Katie Hudgins
Happy to be in Coppell!

  • Graduated 2001 – Piedmont Professional School of Massage
  • Myoskeletal Alignment Technique – Upper Body, Lower Body, Pain Posture – Freedom From Pain Institute
  • Elder Care – Integrative Healthcare Institute
  • Lymphatic Drainage – Integrative Healthcare Institute
  • Orthopedic Massage – James Waslaski 
  • Thai Massage – Dallas Thai Institute
  • Advanced Thai Massage – Kelly Galey
  • Advanced Medical Massage – ABW 
  • Masters Medical Massage – ABW
  • Integrative Medical Massage – ABW
  • Neuromuscular Reprogramming – Jocelyn Olivier

With this many CEU’s Katie focuses on assessing individual complaints like back pain, neck pain, shoulder limitations and restricted range of motion. After that’s done she makes sure every client can relax and feel safe. 

After moving to Coppell, Texas in 2015 Katie Hudgins  continued to form an excellent network while growing in her profession. When opening her local small business she took location and convenience into account. Located right off of Denton Tap Rd she helps many people regain their quality of life.

She is a student at heart and a praying novaturient who adores excellent grammar, epic poetry, discussing theology, being outside, and studying a ridiculously long list of books.

Ask her about the books.

Katie Hudgins is a vibrant person pursuing a full life. She has two sons and six best friends, a church family, and a long history of developing clear boundaries in thriving relationships.

Most importantly, she considers every client worthy of love and respect.


NeuroMuscular Reprogramming by Jocelyn Olivier

Freedom From Pain Institute | Erik Dalton

Integrative Healthcare Institute

Advanced Bodywork Education

Orthopedic Massage | James Waslaski